Dominic Elvin

I specialise in futuristic art and design. I hope you enjoy looking at the work and leave a comment on what you think or email me if you are interested in a commission or just want to chat about ideas.

Science fiction is fast merging into science theory, and concepts which many once thought impossible are now a reality and part of our everyday lives.

With advances in genome sequencing, Genetic/Bio engineering, Cybernetics and quantum theories, we are in an age of continual scientific breakthroughs and discovery.
Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Telecommunications, and Nanotechnology are crossing over with research in Bionics, Implants, Haptics, Biometrics, and Intuitive Interfacing, to create new areas of fusion between biological and technological sciences.
New technological wonders create new concerns with sustainable energy, Bio-ethics, political and environmental global issues.  But most new technologies help aid and further our lives, manifesting themselves in all aspects of our culture – health, communications, environment, fashion, music… and art.

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