The importance of friendship

by domelvin on February 25, 2011

It’s well documented that primates are social creatures, our evolution and civilisation came from these early bonding rituals. I think sometimes it’s easily forgotten with the rush of modern society how important our friendships are. I’ve spent most of my life learning to be a better person and realise this can only be achieved when our sense of self is mirrored from those closest to us.
So a big shout to my friends who have helped to make me who I am.. Colin Grant, Alicia Trenchard, Frank Davidson, Michael Sanderson, Giuliano Pistoni, Aaron Jakob & Andi, Stephane, Justin Smith, Stah, Angelina & Craig, Al Orange, Marina, Miquel Coca, all the others (too many to name them all) Thank you for being there for me.. Big hug xx

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