Ticking the boxes of life

by domelvin on February 17, 2011

Sometimes I feel like I’m in a car that’s careening all over the road.. Time to take stock of things?
Household.. Check! Relationship.. Check! Exhibition.. Check!
Bank account.. Check?? Sh¿t!! No cheque.. WTF!! No money? Broke? And in serious need of some work and cash flow

Have to search deep within for any latent messianic attributes and sh*t a few miracles if possible.. So many big ideas and dreams to pursue, not to mention a big exhibition to pull off with not a pot to p!ss in as the ancient expression goes.

I’m thinking positive, trying to make things happen, but this government is testing even the most optimistic people to despair.. But all is not lost.. Have FaceBook.. Will share.. I’m not going to go through all this on my own ;)

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