I’m a Beigeist Pastelophobe

by domelvin on March 10, 2011

FREEZE!! Put the Pastels down! And step away from the Beige!

I’m on a crusade this year to exorcise the curse of Beige that is afflicting humanity.. It’s everywhere! and so nondescript yet dangerously quiet in it’s seemingly innocuous coma inducing blandness. Beige says.. ‘I can’t be arsed!’ That’s why Ikea exists, so we don’t have think about it.. Colour is so important and under appreciated in it’s ability to heal and change our moods.. Acid green, Marine blue, Hot red, Canary yellow, Sunset orange.
Greys, black and White.. All good.. Especially For bases and undertones.
And while you’re at it, stay away from those wishy washy pastels unless you’re under three or over sixty.
Get some colour in your home and in your life :) )

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