Being creative on tap

by domelvin on May 27, 2011

Like most artists,  I’m better creating things than I am organising them. I’m not a big fan of admin, but realise it makes society run more smoothly.. it just bores the pants off me. So very happy that I have a few days of uninterrupted time working on my sculptures for the exhibition. I adapted the ability to switch my art head on and off at will early on in life.. and grateful that i’ve had lots of practice as it’s a remarkable skill to have, which can be applied of course to other situations too.

I’m working on the DNA Helix robots, a 2.5m high piece that’s a bit of a beast but fun and looking forward to getting to know them like an intimate lover, I feel very connected to the pieces while i’m working on them, not in any  sexual way of course, but definitely sensual as i’m only human, working with the human form and being in a creative space does that to a mind, difficult to separate real and unreal in that magical head space that nearly all artist love so much while doing something new

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