No Rest for the wickedly creative

by domelvin on June 28, 2011

I’ve spent the last few days recharging my batteries after an exhausting few months building and launching Futur Fusion, which was a huge success. i feel very proud of my colleagues and friends and what we achieved. Reviews coming online pronto.

Simon Bevis, a very talented videographer documented the event and really captured the vibe of FF which can be seen at

And today Maxim from Prodigy came to our pad to collect the sculpture he bought, who is planning his own exhibition of his work in September, he does some very cool and detailed paintings of butterflies with samurai swords and hacking up insects mid flight, some very detailed layers and sub stories in his art (look out for his expo at I.N.C Space, Covent Garden) He’s a cool guy and very clued up, and like me wants to do the expo his way so very hands on.. great respect, as it’s not the easy road to go down.. but definitely the most satisfying check out his work at

I absolutely need to chill the f*kc out now and get some rest, and ready to tackle the next leg of journey

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