Divergent paths

by domelvin on August 22, 2011

Just when you think you’re on a set path and things flow from one situation to another.. CRASH! a metaphorical meteorite hits and everything changes. we go next month to look at some derelict barns and land in south of France, hopefully to find the perfect place to realise a dream of building a unique living space. Let’s be honest if I wait any longer to do it in London it’s never going to happen unless I win on the lottery. So a huge change in lifestyle, culture and language as we plan and are getting ready to relocate in march 2012.

I can’t wait! and really looking forward to getting my teeth in to a big project which is all our own, an artist retreat and gallery guesthouse in ultra modern style. Definitely a new chapter in our lives, and a new direction in being creative i think.. Watch this space!

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