New Year! New Life!

by domelvin on January 4, 2012

2012 looks like it’s going to be as interesting and volatile as 2011, but for me it’s really going to be different, in exactly one week I leave London for good for a new life in the south of France. Already boxed and bagged my London life ready to ship and already saying au revoir! to friends and colleagues. It’s so easy to take friendships for granted when you have access to them whenever you like, but close to leaving, I am reflecting and realise what amazing friends and relationships i do have with the people i care about, they can’t be bought or ego massaged.. there is an element of unconditional understanding, tolerance, forgiveness, love and laughter.. A history together! long term friendships grow without knowing it and then when they are not on tap 24/7 the importance of them kicks in.. I’m very lucky to have such strong and valuable friendships and I guess with this in mind no distance on the planet is going to change that.. I look forward to summer visits

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