Building with pixels

by domelvin on May 18, 2012

So I was away in Ibiza for 3 weeks working on the new Cyberdog shop which was a great opportunity to reflect on my life and situation, as the island can have this magical effect on you (and i’m not talking about clubs and drugs)

I came back to France last week and for the first time in 4 months actually realised i was home, France isn’t an easy country to adjust to, especially coming from the heart of London and moving in to the countryside of south France, It’s conservative, quiet and the shops are shut half the time, but now i’m adjusting and seeing it for the beautiful place it is – just need to get to grips on the language so the locals don’t visibly cringe while i hack at their lovely idiom..

We got approval from the planning office to join the mains sewage.. too much information i hear you say! but believe me it’s important lol!! and after four days on adobe illustrator and photoshop, I have finally done the architectural plans for the modifications to the barn which were highly detailed to scale specs of what we are doing and it’s impact on the local environment. So fingers crossed we get approval from the planning office as what we are doing is gorgeous and i’m not changing it :)

Pixel by pixel.. stone by stone we will bring this thing to life and in the mean time as if i don’t have enough to do, i’m looking to exhibit some of my art locally and making some new sculptures in the spanking brand new art studio I just built in the garage.. watch this space

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