On the menu today – Dust du jour

by domelvin on August 1, 2012

So we are 3 months into the build and i’ve never worked so hard in my life.. i’m talking hard physical labour.. like removing 220 tons of foundations dirt and stones from the barns renovation.

Now the place looks proudly more like a building site and less like animal barns, still a long way to go.. While excavating the mezzanine pillars foundations, we realised there weren’t any, cue knowledgeable builder to help us correct our little structural engineering problem.. quite impressive really to see the pillars just floating in midair.

So a few more months eating dust and dirt as we now start the reconstruction, fitting sewage pipes, windows, doors, laying new primary floor/under floor heating and then the first & secondary floors. Hopefully by November we can at least move in to a sealed premises while we work on the interior over winter.

I’m still managing to make a few sculptures too.. the first one called Demitri should be finished in a few weeks and is made entirely from the old boiler and pipes that were ripped out of the barns.. a bit Steampunk for my taste, but nature of the beast i guess. I’m very excited to have my first little exhibition in France in October and i can forget about all the chaos for a few days and enjoy just being an artist again

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Le H May 17, 2013 at 8:08 pm

Bon séjour et vive la Robotek ;) Good luck with the exhibition!


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