Freak da function, Freak da form

April 19, 2011

This week has started with a bang, working like crazy on new pieces for the Futur Fusion expo, and working out again, with a bit of aerial training on the strops to get myself back in to fitness. Hoping to put together a PR team and have the first draft of the soundscape which will [...]

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FUTUR FUSION expo powers up for 13-06-11

April 13, 2011

We have a confirmation date of 13th June to 17th June for the exhibition so the next two months is going to get very frenetic around our place. I’m very excited and full of creative buzz.. The future is here and it’s landing on Covent Garden in June. I’m going to have to pull a [...]

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Robots Rock!

March 30, 2011

I’m up to my neck in robots and androids.. My kind of heaven. Rebuilt my studio and storage space and found loads of cool bits of engines and mechanical components which was very inspiring to recycle as robot body parts.. Am feeling a bit like Dr frankendroid, especially now I’ve been working on the animated [...]

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I’m a Beigeist Pastelophobe

March 10, 2011

FREEZE!! Put the Pastels down! And step away from the Beige! I’m on a crusade this year to exorcise the curse of Beige that is afflicting humanity.. It’s everywhere! and so nondescript yet dangerously quiet in it’s seemingly innocuous coma inducing blandness. Beige says.. ‘I can’t be arsed!’ That’s why Ikea exists, so we don’t [...]

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Sunday Makita Massacre

February 27, 2011

Last night our really noisy French/Italian DJ neighbours had another loud party above us and kept us awake.. AGAIN! revenge is best served on Sunday morning with my trusty MAKITA jigsaw once it goes all quiet upstairs while they chill and sleep off previous night’s revelery. Recipe as follows: Wait until offending Twats sleep, prepare [...]

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The importance of friendship

February 25, 2011

It’s well documented that primates are social creatures, our evolution and civilisation came from these early bonding rituals. I think sometimes it’s easily forgotten with the rush of modern society how important our friendships are. I’ve spent most of my life learning to be a better person and realise this can only be achieved when [...]

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Tech coming into it’s own in 21st Century

February 24, 2011

Have been keeping up with current affairs, and rooting for the Libyan people standing up for their rights, and no wonder with that loony toon Gaddafi’s incoherent public speeches.. Would be really funny if the situation wasn’t so serious. Seems like these kinds of archaic regimes are falling to modern times, globalisation and instant telecommunications, [...]

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Learning curves and upgrades

February 20, 2011

I spent the whole afternoon familiarising myself with my slick new website, learning to navigate and change content while being technologically wet-nursed through the process with Aaron who designed and put the site together. With Aaron’s guidance, I now feel capable of updating my online life without glitching or it looking like yesterday’s pizza. I [...]

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Ticking the boxes of life

February 17, 2011

Sometimes I feel like I’m in a car that’s careening all over the road.. Time to take stock of things? Household.. Check! Relationship.. Check! Exhibition.. Check! Bank account.. Check?? Sh¿t!! No cheque.. WTF!! No money? Broke? And in serious need of some work and cash flow Have to search deep within for any latent messianic [...]

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Chance in change

February 13, 2011

January was a tough month and feb is full of change. New flat mate called Yam, opened the space up so she can teach aerial classes. Very little work around so concentrating my energies on sculptures for the exhibition, but difficult to do with no money and now having problems again with the venue hosting [...]

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