FUTUR FUSION artlab collective

Futur (n) – The time yet to come

Fusion (n) – The state of being combined into one body

We are a collective of like-minded artists, who are passionate about modern ideas and have a strong desire to reflect this in the work we do.

Technical design, futuristic, progressive, street style, unique passion – These are concepts that fuel our creative energy as individuals and as part of Futur Fusion.

We all work in different mediums consisting of sculpture, photography, illustration, design and film, executed with a modern 21st century perspective.

All of the mediums and collaborations have a distinctly futuristic edge and a sprinkling of humour with inspirations from art, science, philosophy, fashion and design that are influencing our society today.

With culturally relevant issues of sustainability, recycling, energy and frontier sciences, Futur Fusion artlab will endeavour to immerse the audience in off-world experiences recognisable to most,

but will maybe ask more questions than it answers.

Futur Fusion sustainability recycling eco cyber sculpture


“The artist is not a different kind of person but every person is a different kind of artist”

Dominic Elvin – sculptor/designer

Progressive and visionary, bringing together 21st century Futurism with science and nature. His work is thought-provoking and unique, inspiring a new generation of tech savvy youth

Sebastian Clark – illustrator

Art nouveu and street style, where sci-fi imagery meets hip-hop aesthetics. This young upcoming talent is one to look out for.

Stephane Grand – photographer

With an insatiable eye for perspective and a thirst for knowledge, Stephane Grand’s work shows more than just a photo, telling the story behind the image. His style is unique, influenced by history, inspired by modernism.



Andrew Pope – vector graphics artist – rockcarrot@gmail.com

precision detail images, if the world of Tron did steampunk it would look something like this

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